Bunion Booties at Complete Step in Mount Martha

The problem!
We see many clients from the Mornington Peninsula at Complete Step in Mount Martha who are seeking treatment to support their bunion deformity (a condition where the big toe deviates toward the 2nd toe and bump arises from the big toe joint ‘the bunion’). People seek treatment for various reasons; pain in the big toe jointrubbing on the 2nd toe, and or they don’t like to the appearance of the ‘deformity’.

Treatment options
Aside from recommending appropriately wide footwear, we often mould a silicon toe seperator between the 1st and 2nd toes (to keep the toes apart), especially if a corn or callus develops on the big toe or 2nd toe).

We have found a new product only available from the USA – the ‘bunion bootie‘ that helps support the big toe from drifting toward the 2nd toe. The bunion bootis is soft, flexible bunion splint/sockette that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk or pressure to the already sensitive area and takes up about the same space as a thin sock.

The Bunion Bootie is available in-store (without an appointment) and can be purchased via our online footwear store for $79 (GST free)

Bunion Booties are available from Complete Step in Mount Martha and via our online store