Complete Step in Mount Martha stock a full size range of CAM walkers including high and low top boots as well as post-op sandals. We supply clients from all parts of the Mornington Peninsula with Cam boots/cam walkers.

A CAM walker is used to offload and protect injuries including bone fractures and painful ligament/tendon tears.

The success of treatment requires appropriate interpretation of the injury by an experienced practitioner. For example, some injuries in the initial one to two weeks require the combined use of crutches as well as a CAM walker to facilitate appropriate healing. Other injuries may only require a low top CAM walker – such as forefoot injuries, which greatly improves your comfort and mobility compared to a high-top CAM walker.

Ensuring that the CAM walker is the appropriate size and fit for your foot and ankle is also paramount to the successful management of your injury.

The experienced podiatrists at Complete Step can assist you with an appropriate assessment and fit you with the optimal cam boot if required.

Cam Walker / Moon Boot at Complete Step in Mount Martha