Foot orthoses in Mount Martha

Arch supports / insoles / foot supports

  • Do you have foot pain, leg or knee pain?​
  • Do you have arthritis in your feet?
  • Do you have painful callus' on your feet?
  • Do you often get sore or injured with exercise?
  • Do you wear your shoes unevenly?
  • ​Are you about to start a new exercise program to get fit or loose weight?
  • Do your parents have foot problems?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it is possible that you would benefit from foot orthoses​

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What will the Podiatrists at Complete Step do for me?

  • take a thorough medical and exercise history from you ​
  • carefully assess the injury you present with
  • observe your walking or running gait and evaluate your footwear​
  • discuss a range of treatment options, including the use of foot orthoses (if appropriate).

If foot orthoses are needed, what happens next? The podiatrist will: 

  • discuss which type/s of foot orthoses are appropriate for your condition, including consideration of your footwear
  • explain the cost and lifespan of the foot orthoses
  • provide details of items numbers and processes for making a private health insurance claim your foot orthoses via HICAP

Other interesting facts about our clinic and the orthotic manufacturing process

Our custom-made foot orthoses are manufactured in Australia by a podiatry team using the latest 3D printing technology.

Dr George Murley from Complete Step Podiatry has published several research articles in top ranked international journals about foot orthoses. Below is a selection of the titles:

Murley GS, Landorf KB, Menz HB. Do foot orthoses change lower limb muscle activity in flat-arched feet towards a pattern observed in normal-arched feet? 2010. Clinical Biomechanics: 25(7), 728-36.

Murley GS, Landorf KB., Menz HB., Bird AR, 2009. Effect of foot posture, foot orthoses and footwear on lower limb muscle activity during walking and running: a systematic review. Gait Posture 29(2), 172-87.

Murley GS, Bird AR, 2006. The effect of three levels of foot orthotic wedging on the surface electromyographic activity of selected lower limb muscles during gait. Clin Biomech 21(10), 1074-80.