Heel pain / plantar fasciitis

We see people with heel pain at our clinic everyday. Don't put up with disabling heel pain - we have solutions to rapidly improve your heel pain

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Big toe joint / bunion pain

Painful bunions? Achy big toe joint? We will thoroughly assess your big toe joint and present you with options to reduce pain

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Forefoot pain

Pain in the ball of your foot - just before your toes? This is a common source of foot pain in adults. Our podiatrists will be keen to reduce pressure in your forefoot and get your foot functioning correctly.

General Podiatry

Our podiatrists can assist you with general podiatry including trimming toe-nails, removing corns and calluses and dealing with dry heels

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Sports podiatry

Lower limb and foot injuries are frequently managed by our podiatrists. They will assess your injury and develop a management plan to help get you moving pain free

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We have one of the largest range of shoes on the Mornington Peninsula. We always stock shoes for all seasons - most are orthotic friendly. We also stock Clarks school shoes.

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3D digital foot scanning

Our prescription custom made foot orthoses are manufactured from a digital 3D foot scan taken of both your feet. Your 3D foot scans are sent to a first-class orthotic manufacturing laboratory.

Foot orthoses

We frequently use three styles of orthotic insoles to prevent and treat foot pain: (i) prefabricated (off the shelf) devices, (ii) pre-cast (semi- custom) and (iii) fully customised foot orthoses. Our podiatrist will discuss these options with you and present you with the most cost effective option/s for your individual situation.

Foot orthoses at South Coast Foot Clinic

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