Philip Young is an experienced podiatrist with an extended scope of practice (recognised by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency). In addition to his primary qualification as a podiatrist, he also holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from Deakin University.

As well as his work as a director and podiatrist at Complete Step Podiatry, Phil consults once a month at the Bays consulting suites in Mornington within an orthopaedic foot and ankle injury clinic. At this clinic he provides podiatry expertise to patients with difficult to manage foot and ankle injuries, such as heel pain, foot and ankle arthritis as well as acute injuries such as ankle ligament tears and fractures.

Phil has an endorsement to prescribe scheduled medicines This means that he can write scripts for prescription only medicines and perform corticosteroid injections. Less then 5% of podiatrists in Australia have an endorsement. Phil is trained in ultrasound and uses this for both diagnostic purposes and to ensure correct needle placement when performing injections. Common conditions treated with injection therapies include bursitis, neuromas, joint synovitis and plantar fasciitis.

Phil treats all foot and ankle injuries, has expertise in foot orthotics and biomechanics and has completed further qualifications in strength and conditioning. Phil also provides general podiatry care (nails, corns, calluses etc).

He lives in Mornington with his wife and daughter and runs most days of the week.

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Podiatrist Philip Young from Complete Step in Mount Martha