Hoka One One at Complete Step Mount Martha

Hoka One One shoes are now available at Complete Step in Mount Martha. Carefully selected by our experienced podiatrists, we are the only Hoka stockist on the Mornington Peninsula conveniently located in Mount Martha. We have a range of mens and womens running, walking and hiking shoes; including Hoka Clifton, Hoka Bondi, Hoka Challenger ATR and more.

So what makes Hoka One One so special? Hoka shoes are superiorly light-weight and feature an incredible cushioning system. Most notable in the Hoka design is the meta-rocker, a midsole with twice the volume of traditional running/walking shoes.

What you will notice when you put on a pair of Hokas. You will immediately notice the light-weight and cushioned 'feel'. Then you will notice the firm sole, providing a gently rocker that provides a smooth roll from impact to toe-off.

This smooth, comfortable rolling action is the reason so many podiatrists, sports doctors and orthopaedic surgeons recommend Hokas for people with forefoot issues, including big toe joint pain.

Hoka Womens Clifton 7 at Complete Step Mount Martha (Mornington Peninsula)

You can also view and purchase from our range via our online store.